The Mysterious Island

by Jules Verne

This is an amazing book from the 19th century to read because you don't feel the time difference based on technology (wow life is tough without phones) or social/political stuff (wow they are sexist). Instead you get to feel the time difference directly through the characters.

At the very start of the book some prisoners of war (during the American civil war) escape in a balloon which ends up getting blown out to sea and eventually lands on an island. They then science the shit out of their situation and put survivor man to shame with their ingenuity and hard work. However the group soon discovers that there is something very mysterious about the island.

Imagine Lost but with a group of fully competent people and an emphasis on actually using what the island provides to survive. 

Also if you think theres isn't much you can learn from people from the 19th century, prepare to be surprised.

Originally posted on Facebook December 4, 2016.