Watership Down

by Richard Adams

This is no mere kids book. Watership Down is a very engaging story that follows a band of rabbits who decide to leave their home warren and make a new life for themselves. If you love getting lost in works of fiction, this is definitely a book you will enjoy.

Watership Down was Richard Adams first book and wasn't published until he was 54. All of the locations in the book are real places. After finishing the book you will know doubt spend some time (as I did) cruising around the Down on google maps trying to find the various locations.

It also gives me great pleasure to know that Adams spent plenty of time in his remaining years to walking around the Down. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1n3quw/i_am_richard_adams_author_of_watership_down/ccf425v/

Originally posted on Facebook July 3, 2017.