Make Arma Not War was a contest hosted by video game developer Bohemia Interactive in 2014. The contest was to see who could develop the best content for their video game Arma 3. The contest had €500,000 in prize money to be given out over 4 categories. I created a one versus all game mode called The Hunt and entered it into the multiplayer category.

The description I made for my page on the Make Arma Not War site can be seen below.

The Hunt begins when the hunted target leaves the starting area. The hunters are released 1 minute later. Before the hunters are released, the hunted can complete optional objectives to get an early advantage. Once released, the hunters will be given some time to set up. After this the hunted's position will be tracked. This tracked position will be shown to the hunters 30 seconds later. This will happen throughout the game every two and a half minutes. Once the hunted is first tracked it will be given set of objectives. The first objective will be to obtain a radio to ask for the location of the upload station. The second objective will be to get to the upload station and upload the intel. The upload takes 2 minutes to complete. Once the upload has begun, the hunted's current position will be displayed every 30 seconds. The hunters must kill the target before the upload is complete.

The hunters are given 2 trucks, an MH-9, and an MQ4A Greyhawk drone.

The area is home to a number of civilians who look very similar to the hunted. The hunted must be stealthy and clever to win.

An in game tutorial is included for the Hunted, Hunters, and the greyhawk operator. To access the tutorial just host your own solo game and select the different roles. The tutorial will play out in the chat.

I recommend that the greyhawk operator hosts the game as the greyhawk tends to blow up when hitting tiny bumps if the person controlling it is not the host.

I also recorded in game footage of the game mode which was edited by a friend into a trailer to be posted on my entries page.

I submitted my entry 2 days afterthe competition opened on May 1st 2014. I was the 5th person to enter a game mode in the multiplayer category. When the entering for the competition closed at the end of October, there were a total of 254 entries. The multiplayer category had 94 entries making it the largest category. The next largest had 61 entries.

In January of 2015, Bohemia Interactive revealed that they had picked the finalists of the competition, 10 of whom would come from the multiplayer category. These finalists would have their game mode played further by a panel of judges in order to pick the prize winners. The multiplayer finalists were revealed in the video below.

It feels good just to have been able to contribute, even if it was in such a small way, to what has always been such an amazing community. I even got mentioned in a EuroGamer article and was given this cool medal, yay!